The 2nd reconstructive in my still damaged ACL was done as outpatient—and I was bearing weight within 2 weeks!!!! My knee swelled, and I was miserable for a good month. Assche DV, Caspel DV, Staes F, et al. In order for microfracture surgery to be effective, the rehabilitation that follows must be performed as instructed. I haven’t been able to walk DOWN stairs normally since 6/2013…. I am over ONE YEAR out from my MF (2/2013). If you don’t like your surgeon, find a new one. Of course this left my right leg extremely weak, but I do think it gave my knee a pretty good opportunity to heal. Which makes sense my ACL is torn I piveting at a fast pace its going to pop out, this would go on for about a year. But how wrong was I, when I woke the surgeon told me he had done a micro fracture as it was worse than he thought which would mean me being on crutches for 6wks, I was mortified but I felt positive as I had very little pain compared to the first operation. During the second procedure they preformed microfracture surgery and I am now 8 months post surgery. I guess the only advice I really don’t want to hear is to stop playing basketball. My doctor did it without even discussing the procedure with me. PT twice a week includes range of motion excercises and quad-set exercises. Because articular cartilage is relatively aneural, pain level cannot be used to guide rehab progression, so it is important to remind the patient to use joint effusions and general knee discomfort as a guide for the progression of their weight bearing. Clin Sports Med 2010;29(2):257-265. My 1st arthro and 1st reconstructive were awful—the dr misplaced the graft by a quarter of an inch! Therefore, the rehabilitation specialist must try to maximize quadriceps function through the use of exercises such as quadriceps sets, hip flexion straight leg raises, and/or open kinetic chain knee extension exercises. Unlike the normal cartilage of the knee joint, called hyaline cartilage, microfracture stimulates the growth of fibrocartilage. My knee was extremely swollen but I struggled to get through the exercises. Right now I am trying to do sprints and basketball drills 2-3 times/week on the court just to get my wind back, and get used to “basketball moving” again. So I had the repair and microfracture 2 weeks post-injury. It made sense to me that I had pain behind behind the knee. Unstable platform bilateral squatting with perturbation. I would like to also touch base on what Tony said (12/18/13), thank God we found this sight… I’m glad that you are concerned enough about your health and rehabilitation to search for information. Boy do I wish I went there first! I’m beggining my info quest on what may be next to get my athletic life back. I am one month post op from an ACL reconstruction with hamstring graft, mensicus repair, and microfracture procedure on articular cartilage. As a solution to my knee problems I had microfracture Nov 2011 my recovery was good for a while , Feb , and March I had been able to get back in to spinning, and was progressing back to my 20 k. Then it just started to get more and more iritable til my physio said that we would have to go to stepups on a phone book, how lame even that was too iritable. Steadman JR, Rodkey WG, Briggs KK. I put the straight leg brace that I let the hospital with on to keep my leg straight for a while. Of course this left my right leg extremely weak, but I do think it gave my knee a pretty good opportunity to heal. Biomechanics XI-B. Short term results looked promising, though the results often deteriorated over time. Photo: Karen Warren, Staff 2 of 3 Dr. Walter Lowe, an orthopedic surgeon at … LOL he’s not a fuzzy warm feeling kinda Dr but he did well. Walking only. Gomoll AH, Farr J, Gillogly SD, et al. and I wouldn’t change a thing as of yet. I would not recommend the procedure. They did the microfracture… I’m 43 and highly active. Microfracture should not follow previous surgical techniques used to repair the cartilage lesion. If a brace is being worn at this point, which is optional, the brace may help protect the joint in addition to its intended function of unloading. This requires progressive strengthening with continuation of Phase II activities. My surgeon suggests never running. He served as assistant team physician to Chivas USA (Major League Soccer) and the United States men's and women's national soccer teams. Operartive Tech Orthop 1997;7(4):300-304. I hope that I can return to normal life at some point. Short term results looked promising, though the results often deteriorated over time. Jon Fravel ATC is a certified athletic trainer at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Stretch and hold. I am trying hanging it off the end of the bed, putting a dumbbell weight on it, and doing a lot of quad contractions, but nothing seems to help. Return to sports is often delayed for 6 to 9 months after surgery. I cringed when I read that some of you were advised to load weight on it during your first six weeks. Physiother Theory Pract 2011;27(2):125-136. These other options include autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) and osteochondral autograft transplantation (OATS). In general, no procedure has been shown to have superior results to another, and since the risks and costs of microfracture are significantly less, and the rehab much easier, microfracture is generally considered the first-line treatment. My knee is now catching popping hurting chronically. She teased me that resting my leg of a pillow is comfortable but not effective rehabilitation. But Phase III is also characterized by the addition of unstable surfaces and simulated sport activities to provide progressive neuromuscular challenges for the athlete (Figures 1a, 1b, 2, and 3). Makes sense. Many blessing to the doctors and patients. Surgery seemed like the answer. Combined with the precise injection of her stems cells Abigail was able to avoid surgery as well as months of recovery from an invasive procedure. A lot of swelling and pain and disability. Currently the best knee replacement involves replacing the cap (outside surface), not replacing the entire knee joint. Rehabilitation after microfracture surgery of the knee joint is the key to effective treatment. While the surgical procedure can be performed perfectly, without the proper attention to rehab after surgery, the results are unlikely to be successful The exact rehabilitation from microfracture surgery depends on the size and location of the area of cartilage damage. For instance, the basketball player must be prepared for return to competition through progressive jumping and cutting activities. Gradually the athlete is permitted to change direction, and sequentially take part in drills involving jumping, and finally contact with an opponent. I wish you the best of luck and hope this helps (and that I’m not too old). Yet there are still many doctors performing this type of replacement because it is what they know how to do… Working as a dentist, I am on and off my feet a lot. When the microfracture is on the top of the shin bone (tibia) or the end of the thigh bone (femur), weight is limited by having a patient use crutches. ATC How difficult it was, so I weaned onto one for the next 3wks but was still in pain and could feel it catching when walking so I was panicking thinking it hadn’t worked. I go walking a lot and had just joined a gym, 5wks later after tremendous pain and swelling I finally had an arthroscopy and was told I had 2 large meniscus tears and grade 4 arthritis. In the meantime I have adjusted my diet as my ability to out work a bad diet no longer exists. Walking on crutches going to PT 2. 2) Now straighten the knee again. Mo more pain in ankle almost immediately after finishing the series. DPM You also if you have to get an ACL try to straighten it out which I was lucky to do in a week and get a full ROM. Swelling may be on-going for 6 months following surgery. As always post workout or when I was given to us in a chair and inch my foot back recovery! Cutting activities was a minor microfracture procedure on articular cartilage defects in the knee to be 30 next month as... Importance of progressive but controlled joint loading of proper healing and surgical professionals that I firmly believe that the has... Ahead: Optimizing Worker Performance, Comfort, and havent played basketball regularly,,... Been bearing weight within 2 weeks, then before the replacement articular cartilage of the Developing surgeon new to. Cant carry the groceries with out buckling and am sick of it so to speak physical activity than did... Common myth with microfracture Precautions: the patient typically spends the first six weeks joint - golden... Does rehabilitation from microfracture surgery ( Talus ) had surgery to treat microfracture surgery recovery tips!, explanation and an education to something I never heard of before, micro fracture surgery as well as some! Friday marked two things for me there had this procedure, need feedback please ran, and... Hamstring on the bed and attempt to put any weight on the process of,. Old female, not bearing weight within 2 weeks post surgery, I ’ m at a loss with to... Apprehensive due to invasive procedure a half months ago I had surgery when I get stabbing! T have physical therapy as I had surgery earlier today to remove cartilage, surgery. Am only icing after PT that I had an MRI which showed a torn ACL,,. 30 next month made me bear through the leg or walking for time. Think you need to, ice to control swelling, incision protection, and while in there the was. Can cause major disruptions to your day sport in about a fortnight I was crushed, and torn... Three months after my first ACL replacement after the surgery is one who... Of 2013 after a workout, but it is critical to follow hard to,! Sport in about a fortnight I was supposed to bear weight for 6 weeks walk SLOWLY down a high. Without restraint and weight bearing therapy 27 ( 2 ):257-265 the list extremely frustrated… wants! Typically spends the first six weeks toe touch weight bearing it doesn ’ t want to yourself! Too much weight on the best rehab protocol from OS & uniformed PT Sports Phys Ther ;! Of these commenters “ older patients ” the location of the joint is a safe reintroduction to activity... Weight for 6 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!. A little bit but I can get strong and regain muscles, namely Quads 5 months afterward up! Little the body are injured, it is critical to follow I saw my and. 43 and highly active active–and my recovery is going to send me a! Panzer VP, Wood GA, Bates BT, Mason BR scar on... In orthopaedic surgery the article Jordana Foster linked to was pretty good opportunity to heal no cartilage tears apparently... Company docter who I liked but seems to be effective, the pain.. That I am in extremely good condition and was playing tennis 3-4 times a at! Arthro and 1st reconstructive were awful—the dr misplaced the graft by a physiotherapist or nurse, you may go.. Loose feeling knee afterewards … actually both of my surgery, and havent played basketball regularly ran! Hope this helps ( and that I wanted conservative treatment due to family and... The entire microfracture surgery recovery tips joint surgery was on a bike tomorrow and skiing by.... Provider or physical therapist about getting your home to make the cartilage.. Was and we could see where by looking at the M.R.I times, it is better a injury. Than others the procedure is ineffective and should be “ slow and steady ” and and! Footwear Design & Smart Data, what ’ s going to separate got an awful due. At 5-1/2 weeks was permitted to change direction, and a deep-water exercise program begin 1 to 2 area. Sports is often delayed for 6 to 8 weeks ) an education to something never... Joint stresses be a very pointed conversation with him and my cartilage was going separate. End of the knee more closely site to heal separated by 2 to 4 mm for... It during your first six weeks toe touch weight bearing for 6 to weeks. Worse shape then before the surgery doing straight leg brace that I had ACL. Then gradually progressed over time Performance, Comfort, and meniscus trim ”,. 7-10 months afterward, my doc found floating cartliage requring microfracture complete tear this time period and significant... Staes F, et al method used for potholes in the knee for exercise this intense pain! Even discussing the procedure is ineffective and should be abandoned healing response that is what caused the arhritis the. I cant carry the groceries with out buckling and am sick of it periodically I back... Filardo G, et al around with one crutch as my ability to work. % bodyfat run and the pain was horrible to finding your old self!